Enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the play of light and color from the different transparencies of the sea, with its infinite shades of crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas island.
On the Bahamas Islands you experience an enchanting spectacle of the sea that has always been recalling the deepest feelings, giving life to daily activities, accompanying the most intimate and romantic moments.
In addition to the crystal clear waters, the Bahamas Islands are framed by miles of white sandy beaches, ideal for getting lost in a completely relaxing escape from the stress of everyday life.
Among the most beautiful beaches you’ll find the peculiar pink beach on Harbor Island, the deserted Gold Rock Beach (Grand Bahama); Stocking Island (Exuma) strewn with shells, the beach of fine white sands of Treasure Cay, the incomparable Great Guana Cay (Abaco), and the unspoilt Cape Santa Maria Beach (Long Island), one of the most beautiful beaches in the world facing a quiet, protected bay.


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